You may be excited to see what crazy new stunts they try in Jackass 3D but let’s be honest. What you really want to know is who got hurt the worst. And who got hurt the worst doing the stupidest thing. It’s a toss-up, but seeing Bam Margera take a taser on the head seemed the most life threatening. It’s one thing on your stomach or side, but is your skull designed to withstand electro-shock?

“I got tasered everywhere and it hurts so bad that I was still angry for the rest of the day about it,” Margera said. “It’s just one of those annoying kind of pains, like a stun gun 40 times, it makes you mad and I was just f*cking mad all day about it. I also broke my clavicle that day falling. I’m telling you that that probably sucked the worst out of this movie for me, except for the snakes.”

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Johnny Knoxville took a headshot from a bull. Again. He should expect that after so many bull stunts. “The bull, I got a pretty bad concussion on,” Knoxville said. “I got lucky on that one, because I landed on the back of my neck. Thank God the bull kicked me in the head at the last second and altered my course just a little, and I’m sitting here today, talking.”

Danger Ehren lost his tooth again doing another stunt, and now suffers chronic back pain from another one. “I broke my back and blew out my knee and ripped my tooth out,” Ehren said. “In the shopping cart going down the snow, I flew over the pond that was way too short and obvious. I’m still recovering. You can’t really fix a back unless you have surgery. You just have to deal with it so I go to the chiropractor and massage guy three times a week. I have bone growing out of my gums right now. Every once in a while, every other week I’ll feel it up there. It was pretty sensitive for about three weeks and then it just kind of went numb. They’ve already put the implant in.”

Actually, one of the guest stars suffered the worst. That’s why you should leave Jackass to the pros. “Loomis got the worst,” director Jeff Tremaine said. “He’s a guy that’s around with us all the time. He’s got the funny little beard. He weighs probably 68 pounds soaking wet. He wanted to jump behind the jet engine. We had that fighter jet and he jumped off a trampoline into it holding an umbrella and it just slammed him to the ground and it broke his collar bone pretty bad and it broke his hand. It screwed up his hand so he had to get surgery on his hand and his collar bone and it’s just been really slow to heal. He probably got it the worst unless microbiology takes a toll on Steve-O which we’ll find out later.”

Margera expect injuries though. “The way that I look at it is, when we film for 8 months straight for a new Jackass movie, I know that I’m going to wind up with at least 2 broken bones,” Margera said. “I don’t know when it’s gong to happen, but you can’t contemplate how you’re going to fall and what’s going to happen. It’s easier to just get up there and just do it.”

By now, the gang have been coming up with crazy ideas for 10 years. The promise of 3D actually fueled their creativity. Stunts like helicockter (a remote controlled helicopter attached to Chris Pontius’ penis by string) were inspired by technology.

“It only enhanced the idea process because now 3D can write jokes,” Tremaine said. “That idea was strictly for 3D. It’s not something we would probably have shot 2D but the rule was it had to be funny. It had to be a funny Jackass idea. 3D is just frosting on the cake. It has to be funny on TV for us to shoot it but we did definitely shoot some things that were just because it’s in 3D, some things to be so stupid with the technology.”

Experience has motivated deeper levels of stupidity too. It takes more to make Knoxville laugh today than it did 10 years ago, so he has to be more creative. “We end up one-upping ourselves,” Knoxville said. “It takes a little more to make us laugh than it did, maybe five, six years ago, because, okay, we’ve been there, done that, so what’s next? We don’t think going into this movie, ‘We have to top this.’ We just have to be funny. It’s such a competition to get footage, like if Bam gets something great, then it’s like, well, we all have to get something great.”

It turns out Margera is a big instigator of new ideas. “I’m on a lot of airplanes, so I just sip on red wine thinking of stupid ideas, and when I think of it, I wanna make it happen,” Margera said. “I’ll be like, okay, Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear in a boxing match. Maybe I can get Mike Tyson to bite off my ear. Then Paramount has to come, and like, ‘You really willing to do that?’ I’m like, hell yeah, you know the street cred I’ll have from a missing ear? And they say, ‘How did that happen?’ And I say, ‘Mike Tyson.’”

Since we haven’t seen that one yet, I guess Tyson turned them down. It was such a good PR move the first time. “Well, we didn’t consider that,” Knoxville said.

There is a procedure for deciding which stunts to film. It sounds kind of official. “The cast and crew, we just all come up with ideas,” Knoxville said. “Sometimes they’re just crude pictures drawn on a napkin, and sometimes we’ll get together and pitch ideas. Bam likes to fax hilarious pictures, that’s how he submits most ideas is through pictures, and they’re really funny. They all come to the office, and we compile them, and then we’ll send them to Paramount, just to go through all the legal stuff. Paramount leaves us alone, so we will vet the ideas. We decide what to shoot or not.”

10 years later, there are still more ideas than there are hours to film them all, so Jackass 4 is in no danger. “It’s a mixture of everybody,” Margera said. “If they come up with an idea, they submit it to Paramount, then we have a stack of ideas this high, and people look at it and figure out what they would like to do. Sometimes, if it’s involving a bull, it’ll be [Knoxville], because it definitely won’t be me. Most of the ideas are two pages long, really descriptive, and then it’ll be one page that is one sentence that says, ‘Sh*t shoe. Find a shoe, and then sh*t in it.”

Sh*t Shoe is still on the table for future Jackass movies.


Jackass 3D opens Friday.