‘Jackass 3.5′ Premiering Online In March

Tuesday, November 30 by

When Jackass 3D became the surprise hit of the fall, it was a no-brainer that we needed to see these guys hit one another in the balls some more. Luckily, they had additional footage in the can that could be used to milk more money out of the franchise.

An early plan was to release this new material as a second 3D film. That went away in favor of a DVD-only release. But that plan won’t earn enough money, so the new plan is to release the extras online for a price. The clips will begin rolling out in March, and then will also be available for purchase online as a feature length film. After that, it’s likely it will get a DVD release. And then you can get the Director’s Cut. And then the Producer’s Cut. And about a year after that, you can own a copy that was shoved up Steve-O‘s butt.

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