America loves to watch Jack Black dance about, skipping from place to place and yelling. Now it appears that director Michael Winterbottom sees something in the man's delightful antics as well, seeing as Black's been cast in his latest project, Bailout. It's based on Jess Walter's novel The Financial Lives of The Poets. Here's a plot synopsis that's too big to fail:
"['Bailout']follows the misadventures of Matt Prior (Black), who loses his job, is crippled with debt and is convinced his wife is having an affair. He's two weeks from losing his home when he meets two losers at the supermarket who offer him a strange business opportunity and his last chance to save himself."

Hopefully the business opportunity is a splashy musical number, with Jack Black jumping up and down and doing backflips. I will never get sick of that. (Deadline)