Jack Black to Play Jason Bourne…Kind Of

Wednesday, October 1 by

As of right now, Top Secret is pretty much the height of spy comedy, but Jack Black is hoping to change with what is essentially a wacky version of the Bourne movies. Black will play a chubby guy who washes up on a Cuban beach with no memory and automatically assumes that he’s some kind of super spy. It sounds like it could be funny, but it was written by the same guys responsible for Kung Fu Panda, so it might end up less Bourne and more Agent Cody Banks.

I think whether it’s good or not really depends on who the target demo is. We know that Jack Black can be really funny when he has the OK to curse and scream, but since the script sold for over a million dollars, it sounds like the budget on this is going to be huge, making a PG-13 rating inevitable. Oh well, at least he won’t be surrounded by children, or worse, animated in this one.

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