J.J. Abrams Will Direct The Next ‘Star Wars’ Film

Thursday, January 24 by
He's to nerds what the pope is to Catholics.  

The headline says it all, but this isn’t The Onion, so I can’t just write a headline and get a check. J.J. Abrams, the man behind the Star Trek reboot, will sink his teeth into the most high-profile directing gig seen in a while. Abrams will be helming the new Star Wars film, Episode VII. It was long thought that Abrams and Disney wouldn’t bow to pressure due to Abrams’ affiliation with, but both sides must think that any perceived conflict of interest is outweighed by his credits. 

Abrams seems like a pretty solid (and safe) choice, as he’s proven himself up to the task of rebooting beloved franchises in spectacular fashion, and the general public has largely looked inward and forgiven him for the finale of Lost.

The film will hit theaters in 2015, which means that we’ll have to endure a fair amount of nerd drool until then. Gross.

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