J.J. Abrams Might Tackle ‘Portal’ And ‘Half-Life’ Films, As Well

Thursday, February 7 by
Enjoy your free time, J.J. Soon, it will no longer be yours.  

Before we start decrying that the man is too busy…Well, nothing. Let’s just not decry that the man is too busy and assume that he will get us our Star Wars film in a timely fashion because Abrams is rich, and rich people can get things done with remarkable ease.

In any event, during a keynote speech for somesuch thing in Las Vegas yesterday, J.J. told the world that Bad Robot would be teaming up with video game company Valve to see if Half-Life and Portal films were viable. I’m guessing that they will be.

The extent to which Abrams would be personally involved with these project would be anyone’s guess. He is, after all, very, very busy.

Not that it’s any of our business how busy someone is with their career.

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