Ivan Reitman's career lives to see another day thanks to the sex tape he made with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher (or something). The point is, No Strings Attached was successful enough to ensure his name wouldn't be dramatically torn from the canvas-backing of his favorite director's chair.

He's got his eye on the memoir Big In China:My Unlikely Adventure Raising a Family, Playing the Blues and Reinventing Myself in Beijing. The story by journalist Alan Paul tells of how he moved to China to become a stay-at-home dad while his wife took a position as The Wall Street Journal China bureau chief. One day while tooling around China, he started a blues quartet called Woodi Paul and became a national sensation. Well, he's not the only lucky one. Did I mention how I found ten dollars a few months ago? Totally did. Right there on the floor of the free clinic. No further questions.

Reitman won't sign on to direct until a script is in place and if that process is anything like the Ghostbusters 3 scripting process, we'll all be under Chinese rule by the time he joins. Get ready to have to listen to Woodie Paul music. (THR)