It’s The Clash Frontman Joe Strummer’s Turn For A Biopic Now, Courtesy Of…Julie Delpy?

Wednesday, November 23 by
This is how bored Joe Strummer was by the news of his biopic. And he's been dead for nine years.  

While news of a biopic for The Clash’s lead singer Joe Strummer may tickle the (metaphorical) punk inside you, before you get too excited about archival footage and punk-o-rama madness, know that it’s going to be directed by Julie Delpy, the writer and star of the Paris romance films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Also know that it focuses on just Joe Strummer in 1982 when he dropped out of the public eye and music scene to bum around in Paris.

So basically, don’t get excited at all.

The film is moving forward under the title The Right Profile, taking the name from a track off their seminal London Calling LP.

Who will play the frontman? It’s unclear, but one thing’s for certain – Delpy sure does seem to like working with Ethan Hawke in movies about Paris. Hmm. Hawke’s only two daughters are both less than four years old, which makes casting them in the starring role unlikely, but not impossible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Tobey Maguire just nail this role a) because he looks a fair amount like strummer and b) it would be nice to see him not play a total pussy for once.

Or one of the Hawke girls. Whatevs.

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