It’s Still The 80s: Walter Hill To Direct Stallone In ‘Headshots’

Monday, April 11 by

Walter Hill is best known as the director of The Warriors and 48 Hrs. Sylvester Stallone is best known as Rocky and Rambo. Though they continue to be successful today, Hill and Stallone were successful to the max in the go-go 80s, which means there’s only one word to describe the news that Walter Hill will direct Stallone in the action movie Headshots: “tubular.” Though “tubulariffic” would also have been acceptable.

In Headshots, a young NYC cop teams up with an older New Orleans hitman, who’ll be played by Sly. Cause when I think “Stallone,” I think, “New Orleans.” He’s got “gumbo” written all over his face. Here’s what Stallone said in an email to Ain’t It Cool News:

It’s official. We’ve got Walter Hill on board so would love for you to let the world know. We’ve been on the same track since The Driver, then 48 Hrs didn’t happen so here we are almost 35 years later, I’m finally driving with Walter Hill.

Stallone was up for 48 Hrs? That news is most excellent. (AICN)

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