All signs point to Guardians of the Galaxy, despite being based on lesser-known source material from Marvel, making an absolute killing at the box office this weekend. And the next weekend. And probably on DVD. And PPV. And merchandising.

While the tools used predict such information are a little "inside baseball" and foreign (focus groups, ouija boards, surveys) we got our first real piece of evidence today when it was revealed that last night the film took in $11.2 million, which is more than Captain America, the year's high-water mark, did in its first night.

The predictors are expecting $40-$50 million tonight, with the weekend totaling $80-$90+ million.

In any event, the film is all but guaranteed to have the biggest August opening ever for a film, eclipsing The Bourne Ultimatum's $69 million.

Yay, Hollywood revenues. It's nice to know that these studio execs will finally see some money from their hard work.