It’s Official: James Franco Doing Everything Ever

Tuesday, January 25 by

James Franco is going to need at intervention for his addiction to workohol. The graduate student currently has a full slate between writing books, films, and starring in Rise Of The Apes, Your Highness, The Iceman, The Night Stalker, some Linda Lovelace thing, a “Freaks and Geeks” reunion, and something with his brother. Now he says that he’s going to direct As I Lay Dying after all.

Believe it or not, he’s not playing every role in the film. He’s reached out to Richard Jenkins, Michael Shannon, Joaquin Phoenix, and Paul Dano to fill out the potential cast. I say potential because if someone shows his Eddie Murphy’s work in the Nutty Professor films between now and then, plans will probably change.

At this rate, the poor thing is going to suffer dehydration before he gets the chance to present himself the Oscar for Best Actor at the ceremony that he is also hosting. Somebody please make sure this guy gets a CapriSun. (MTV)

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