It’s Official: All Movies In Development Are Assange-Based

Friday, January 21 by

Feeling a little left out of the flurry of studio activity taking place over the Julian Assange story, HBO has thrown their hat into the the ring as well, announcing that they’re working to develop a movie about Assange based on Raffi Khatchadourian’s New York Times article. First it was asteroid movies, then it was vampire movies, now it’s all things Assange. Don’t be surprised if this treatment has an anthropomorphic dog or something just to differentiate itself.

Yesterday, this news broke about the option on Assange’s bio, The Most Dangerous Man in the World. This morning, it was announced that honored documentary director Alex Gibney had signed on to do a doc that will be run through Universal. What’s next? Expect Starz to run Julian Assange: Origins sometime this fall. It will surprisingly reveal that Assange is Bill Maher’s thinner, cooler brother.

HBO most recently tackled controversial Jack Kevorkian in You Don’t Know Jack, so controversial figures are nothing new to HBO, but look for the lower-budget project to beat both the documentary and the biopic to audiences. This competition begs the question: Which film will pick up Best Picture at this year’s Assangies? (Deadline)

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