Here's some news that warms the heart. It just goes to show that if you work hard and also have Stephen King's super-writing powers coursing throughout your DNA, you too can find success in Hollywood.

King's son, Joe Hill, just sold the film rights for his short story Twittering From The Circus Of The Undead to Mandalay Pictures. To be directed by Todd Lincoln, the story is told entirely via tweets from a teenage girl as she and her family are attacked by zombies during a road trip. But don't groan yet. Sensing that the zombie trend could be reaching critical mass, producers have decided to take liberties with the story in order to keep it fresh. So, the zombies are out and there's no word yet on what new Joe Hill-approved monster will replace them.

Maybe it's Dr. Jekylls. We haven't really seen too many Dr. Jekylls hit the big screen. (THR)