Back in the 1980's, they were willing to film anything. ANYTHING. Masters of the Universe. Howard the Duck. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. Fart: The Movie. But we'd thought we had all learned from these past transgressions. How sorely wrong we were.

Michael Eisner's The Tornade Company is now hard at work on a reboot of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. He's hired director PES (whose stop motion short, Western Spaghetti won a number of accolades) to shoot based off a script by Michael Vukadiovich, who recently made the Black List. There aren't any plot specifics or word on whether the project will be live-action or not just yet. But we can assume the project will feature a variety of mutilated freakish children with poor hygiene. Seems to me that Todd Solondz would have been the stronger directorial choice. Missed opportunity right there. (Deadline)