The announcement that Zack Snyder is working to bring the ultimate team up film, Batman vs Superman, to screens in 2015 sent shockwaves through frail and tubby nerd bodies everywhere. Up until this point we did not know who was slated to wear the cowl. And we still don't know. But we are getting closer.

As of right now, the frontrunner is Josh Brolin. He definitely has the chin for it. Beyond Brolin is Ryan Gosling (who would suck at it) and True Blood's Joe Manganiello (who would absolutely suck at it), as well as these cheaper options: Strike Back’s Richard Armitage, Revenge’s Max Martini and Stoker’s Matthew Goode.

Of course, take these reports with a grain of salt for now as things can and usually do change and Batman will probably be Jake Gyllenhaal. Personally, I'm rooting for Brolin solely so he can brag about having played both Batman and George W. Bush. (THR)