‘American Psycho’ Is Getting A Remake

Thursday, December 8 by
"I DO like Huey Lewis, Patrick! This is turning out to be a great night!" 

Some Lionsgate executive, presumably after receiving an understated, yet elegant, business card, remembered that the 2000 adaptation of American Psycho was a pretty cool movie. After confirming on IMDB that it had been at least ten years since the original was released, he said “Yeah, We could do that.” And the news of a remake began to lazily ooze forth, with no one really caring enough to clean it up, or even acknowledge its presence.

Following a conference among several other development execs at Lionsgate, they all agreed it didn’t really matter who wrote or directed the sequel ’cause, hey, American Psycho. So they bestowed both writing and directing duties upon one Noble Jones, a second-unit director from The Social Network, who just happened to be the next person to walk through the door into the conference room.

Expect news in the next couple days that the producers, not wanting to overthink things, have decided that Jason Bateman would make a pretty good Patrick Bateman.

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