We reported a few weeks ago that Jeff Bridges would be starring in the kid-lit adaptation The Seventh Son (formerly known as The Last Apprentice), and now he has another A-lister joining him in what many hope will be a successful new franchise. The description of Moore's character sounds downright nasty:
Moore will play the principle villain of the piece, Mother Malkin, who sucks the blood out of young women to keep her youth and battles a witch-hunter known as the Spook, and his young apprentice Tom Ward.

Yikes. Sounds pretty grim, but Moore's a class act who could probably bring humanity and likability to any role, even if it was saddled with a terrible Boston accent (hello, Nancy Donovan from"30 Rock"). This is the first blockbuster role she's tackled in years, and it should be interesting to see how she handles it. The film itself has gone through title changes, and lead actor changes, as Alex Pettyfer has been removed from the running for the role. It remains to be seen whether this one will be a Narnia or a Golden Compass, but, even if it fails, with actors like Moore and Jeff Bridges, they'll go down swinging.

This post is dedicated to Alex Pettyfer's career Feb 2011- Feb 2011. (The Playlist)