The producers of Bourne realized that if they wanted to include every actor in Hollywood in the rebooted Bourne casting rumors, then they couldn't just focus on the big stars. So right now, the man of the hour is Joel Edgerton. Word on the street is that director Tony Gilroy is lobbying for Edgerton to get the part, but Universal is hesitant for two reasons.

First off, they are worried that his name doesn't hold enough weight (yet) to carry such a franchise. Secondly, they like Edgerton for the seemingly toxic role of the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. Apparently they feel he is a big enough name for that role. Or that Kristen Stewarts brand equity will do most of the heavy lifting there.

If this seems too cut and dry, don't worry. This Vulture piece also bandies about the names McAvoy and LaBeouf. Maybe the new Bourne lead could be played by a host of actors, like that Bob Dylan biopic. Is Cate Blanchett available?