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In directing An Inconvenient Truth, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim basically managed to make a guy in a suit giving a Powerpoint presentation engaging.  So it stands to reason that his upcoming film, It Might Get Loud, which gives an intimate look into the lives of guitar gods new, old and middle aged - Jack White, Jimmy Page and U2's The Edge, respectively - will be the documentary equivalent of a 90-minute H.J.  An H.J. with a most bitchin' soundtrack.  An H.J. with at least three solos involved.  But not a solo H.J.  That's just masturbation.

Read more on the project and check out some production photos of the legendary guitar heroes after the jump.  Try not to throw your panties at the computer.

It Might Get Loud tells the personal stories, in their own words, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos – The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes).  It reveals how each developed his unique sound and style of playing favorite instruments, guitars both found and invented.  Concentrating on the artist’s musical rebellion, traveling with him to influential locations, provoking rare discussion as to how and why he writes and plays, this film lets you witness intimate moments and hear new music from each artist.  The movie revolves around a day when Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge first met and sat down together to share their stories, teach and play.

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It Might Get Loud opens in select theaters August 14th, 2009.