Is Universal’s ‘Dark Tower’ More Like A Jenga Tower?

Thursday, May 5 by

Anybody wanna buy a gigantic, cross-platform adaptation of Stephen King‘s Dark Tower? I know a bunch of guys looking to sell.

Reportedly, Universal is worried about the ridiculous scope of their upcoming Dark Tower series, which will be told in three epic blockbuster movies and an epic, blockbuster TV series. (Unless the series airs on NBC as planned, but the budget would still be big.) Director/Producer Ron Howard must have been like, “so you have enough money for this, right?” To which Universal quickly responded, “sure, sure,” but the studio just looked its wallet and realized it doesn’t have that kind of cash on them, and they have a bunch of bills to pay this month… So Universal is apparently thinking about either finding a partner studio or selling the behemoth off entirely.

Casting is still in progress, though Javier Bardem is set to play Roland Deschain for the next 15-25 years or so. The books will be adapted by writer Akiva Goldsman. (Variety)

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