Tony Scott must be wearing beer goggles. There are confusing reports that the director is setting up his next action film, Lucky Strike, to star doughy comedic actor Vince Vaughn. Yes. That Vince Vaughn.

There's no word on which character Vaughn will play, but Lucky Strike follows a DEA agent who teams with a drug runner to take down a cartel. If it were a fudge cartel, I'd believe the casting, but maybe his character doesn't need to do a lot of running around. He could be a really good sniper or something like that, and could flee explosions on a Jazzy scooter. I think I speak for the entire population of Earth when I say we much prefer to see that movie. Still whose to say this will be made in the near future. It's all contingent on Scott's crazy busy schedule and whether or not there's a role available for Jon Favreau. (Deadline)