Buzz around a new movie project has taken hold of the blogosphere like mysterious fluid that turns humans into prawns. Bill Block, half of the producing team behind the surprise hit District 9, is developing a new science fiction movie. Everybody's wondering if this will be the "new" District 9. With so little info to go on, I'm gonna have to say, "yes, absolutely I am 100% sure that's the case."

Here's what we do know: the title is Alien Sleeper Cell, which is an awesome title. The film is about "otherworldly beasties," which sounds promising. The script was written by a new writer, Morgan Davis Foehl, whose biggest credit is an assistant editor on I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. I'm not gonna assume too much from that credit, since we all do jobs we're not necessarily proud of for money. By the way, please don't Google my name + Ultimate Magic Brothel - thanks!

So we'll keep watching the stars to see what's going on with District 9 II: The Dark Prawns Strike. (Firstshowing)