The makers of spoof comedy, American Carol are claiming that theaters that don't agree with the film's political content are fudging the numbers by giving people the wrong tickets, thus making it look like the film is an even bigger failure than it already was. Poor Kelsey Grammer.

A few months ago, when Rambo took on the horrifically shitty Meet the Spartans on opening weekend at the box office, Sly actually lost out to Spartans in the numbers. It was a close race, and some analysts believed that Rambo could've won if they had been able to count the number of kids who bought tickets to a crappy spoof comedy, then went and watched John Rambo mow people down with a huge machine gun.

While the Rambo scenario makes sense, this American Carol thing seems a little fishy. When you buy a movie ticket, it clearly has the name of the movie printed on it. Plus, it has the theater number, so it seems like you would notice something was wrong when the ticket taker told you the wrong theater.

The film makers are also claiming that some theaters displaed the movie as being rated R rather than PG-13. That one seems like it's definitely more plausible. And while I thought American Carol was terrible, it's still kind of eerie that this kind of thing could happen. Normally, I'm all about preventing people from sitting through crappy movies, but not this way. This is America. We will waste our time and money however we see fit.

As an added element of mysery, there used to be a section of the movie's site called the "fraud" section, but it has since bee taken down. That means they have either been told to take it down by some lawyers, or they're getting ready to do a little suing of their own.