There was a magical time six years ago, before the earth was blanketed by twitters, that Albert Brooks used to star in live action movies. Well, it wasn't that magical, with films like Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World and The In-Laws dying in theaters, but he's made up for those non-starters with great voice acting in Finding Nemo and The Simpsons Movie. Now Judd Apatow and his hip clique might allow Brooks to sit at the cool comedy table.

Brooks may join the cast of the Knocked Up spin-off, playing Paul Rudd's dad. He's currently in negotiations for the part, which I assume includes a lot of sad puppy dog faces from the Brooks camp. Apatow has a reputation for insular casting, but today the floodgates are open. Earlier, we found out Megan Fox is also in negotiations for a role. Any celebrity who wants a job better call Apatow right now, while he's generous. Does Gilbert Gottfried have Apatow's number?

The film doesn't have a title, but it does have a release date of June 1st, 2012. (FirstShowing)