‘Instant Karma’ Is Gonna Get Sony Animation

Wednesday, April 27 by

Sony has picked up a new live-action/CGI project that actually sounds…interesting. Instant Karma tells the story of a a New Orleans criminal who comes close to death; close enough that he is reincarnated as a fly due to his past transgressions. However, by committing good deeds, he can build up his karma rating and inhabit the bodies of more “advanced” animals, like dogs, raccoons and frogs.

Kinda neat, right? If this was a video game, I wouldn’t make fun of my friends for playing it.

I haven’t seen much in the of a successful live-action/CGI project since Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but this sounds pretty good on paper, so let’s hope they don’t water it down with the standard bevy of celebrity voices. If I so much as catch whisperings of Robin Williams voicing a gay parrot, I can’t guarantee the safety of Sony Studios employees. I’ll leave it at that. (Kidding, lawyers/police) (Deadline)

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