CBS films is going to show us how sexy and seductive the world of organized crime is. Which is good, because no movie studio has ever done that before.

They recently picked up the rights to Marc Maurino's script for Inside the Machine, a film that follows an undercover ATF agent as he infiltrates a crime syndicate. According to producer Tripp Vinson, "Inside The Machine is about a man struggling to keep his undercover persona from destroying his personal life."

No actors are attached right now, but Johnny Depp raised the bar for this genre pretty high with Donnie Brasco, so it will be interesting to see if they pursue actors who will either spurn or invite the comparison. The nature of this film dictates that the film should essentially have two casts: the crime family and the agent's actual family/home life. The protagonist better not confuse the two, otherwise he could wind up taking his daughter along on his collections, and taking the capo of the family to a Jona Brothers concert. (Deadline)