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Melanie Laurent is the second Inglourious Basterds dame of the week, and it’s nice to have some Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi accompanying our German ich-weiß-nicht-was.  In the film, Melanie’s character Shoshanna Dreyfus is out for revenge via spilled Nazi Blood, and she’s not afraid to weild an ax to get it.  Looks and she can chop firewood.  Talk about a double threat!

A word from Melanie: “Cause I never took theater lessons, for example. I just made movies. So I have very—and I’m French. We are lazy!”

Hey, Melanie, we’re lazy, too!  Let’s lay around in bed all day, drink espresso, and eat crepes off of each other.  Post a message if you’re down.  And why don’t you check out some sexy pics of yourself while you’re here!  Everyone else can look, too!

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