Infographic: Movie Heist Hauls Vs. GDP

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Let me get this on the table right now I am not an economist. In addition, I don’t read The Economist. If pressed, I probably couldn’t give you a good definition of the word economist.

But, I like movies. I know movies, and I know movies where there are guys looking for a big score (usually, they’re not economists either). And, outside some of the more ridiculous amounts of money sought (cough, Swordfish) – there has been a slight upward trend of hauls of monies in heist films.

You know what else has a general upward trend (or a drastic one, that real economists warn against)? The GDP – aka the Gross Domestic Product. Please refer again to the opening sentence before you read this: the GDP is a handy little way to say, "Look how valuable this country is."

So here’s a graph for your "economic" enjoyment. You can get what you will out of it, but remember this: so what if Danny Ocean and his crew got away with $150 million – that’s just a drop in the ocean compared with the numbers we’re talking here.

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  1. December 1, 2009 8:15 am


    FYI – You should adjust the values of the heists based on CPI (consumer price index), which is available online ( and set everything to 2000 dollars (which is done for the GDP). This would provide an even more informative comparison.

    For example, the take for “Asphalt Jungle” (assuming it is set in 1950) would be equivalent to $3,572,614.11 in 2000 dollars or $4,485,000 in 2009 dollars (I’m surprised at how even that number came out to be…).

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