Pull out those kooky suitcases, cause we're all going back to Inception Land... maybe.

A recent interview with actor Tom Hardy (Inception) was fairly revealing. First, we learned that his character in The Dark Knight Returns, Bane, won't be the Luchador-wearing muscle freak we all semi-remember from Batman and Robin. Then we learned from Hardy that the entire Inception cast all signed on for a potential sequel. We heard a few months ago that director Christopher Nolan is not gonna not consider Inception 2: Enter The Dream Machine...
“It’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

After earning $820 million worldwide, I bet someone at Warner Bros. is developing the Inception technology in real-life, so he can invade Nolan's brain and dream-suggest he do not just one sequel, but two at once, Matrix style. Even though I was writing that last sentence as a joke, I still cringed as I typed out those words.

Oh, The Matrix. You were so promising and awesome once. Take the red pill, Mr. Nolan. Or whichever pill you take to not ruin the goodwill of the original with stupid sequels. (Screenrant)