Director Richard Linklater's Slacker is one of the defining 90s movies, and also the definitive movie about Austin, TX - capturing a time and place in which people who were ostensibly "adults" acted like anything but. Thank god we've matured since then, right?

This year marks the movie's 20th anniversary, and in order to honor the occasion, the Austin Film Society and Austin movie theater Alamo Drafthouse have commissioned a remake in which “will be recreated, using the original dialogue and locations (whenever possible), and individual scenes will then be compiled to create the remake, presenting the city’s changing face while showcasing some of its most exciting talent."

It's too bad Gus Van Sant doesn't live in Austin - he could give Linklater the treatment he gave Hitchcock. Anyway, this more likely than not will be a curiosity that only massive Slacker fans would be interested in, but who knows? Maybe the DVD will be worth checking out if you're not able to see it in theaters. (AustinFilm)