The early buzz for Drive is that it's an awesome, must-see action-packed film. That sounds pretty good to me. There's nothing more thrilling to watch than a smooth getaway while sh*t is otherwise hitting the fan. It might entail hanging inches above a pressure-sensitive floor or pretending to be cripple. Either way, anything goes when it comes to getting away scot-free.

Here's a rundown of some of Hollywood's smoothest escapes.

The Italian Job

Anyone can just hop in a Mustang and speed over a rising drawbridge to make their escape. But if you want to get away with style, you need a fleet of stupid looking Mini Coopers, the ability to control traffic lights, and exploding streets. Playing chicken with a helicopter adds style points as well.

Quick Change

Now this is a cool plan. Bill Murray dresses up like a clown. Robs a bank and takes hostages. Then he alludes police by simply removing his clown makeup. And despite a lot of setbacks, it works, too. It's brilliant.

Inside Man

This one lacks the coolness factor of dressing up like a clown, but does have a smooth getaway along the same lines with the disguised bank robbers blending in with the hostages. However, one man builds a little apartment and walls himself in with the loot before casually walking out during business hours a few days later.

The Dark Knight

See? Clowns!! This one is especially cool because it didn't cost the Joker a dime besides weapons, ammo, and distinctive clown masks. He totally side-stepped labor charges by placing an ad on Craigslist for henchmen who also he arranged to have killed one by one. In the end, he is the only one left standing with the mob's money.

Ocean's Eleven

It takes finesse to take down a casino. And even more finesse to take them all down simultaneously. Of course, you need help to pull something like this off. For that level of style, you need to hire a compulsive eater, a pyromaniac, a gymnast, two idio brothers, a wet behind the ears pick-pocket, two old guys, a computer guy, Bernie Mac, and a recognizable ex-con with a motive. Wait. How'd this plan come together in the first place?

The Score

This one's on the list because it took balls. Posing as a clown is totally played out at this point, so who is the next person you would least suspect to crack your safe and make off with your diamonds? That's right. Edward Norton poses as a mentally handicapped man to gain access to millions of dollars worth of diamonds. It works for getting into Chuck E. Cheese and it works for getting rich, too.

The Usual Suspects

If you're feeling a little morally opposed to pretending to be mentally handicapped, just pretend to be physically handicapped. Yes, this way will require some creative storytelling, but if you're the mastermind of a heist, you should be able to talk your way out of a room.

Mission: Impossible

If you're going to try to steal the CIA's most sensitive information from a heavily fortified vault at their headquarters, you can't leave anything to chance. You need a good plan. Of course, all of your best laid plans could quickly unravel if you don't take into account the rodent problem at the CIA. Word to the wise; bring glue traps.

Back To The Future Trilogy

Marty McFly and Doc Brown are constantly in a literal race against time, but somehow they always manage a narrow escape. Whether they're fleeing bullies, racing lightning/runaway trains, or trying to protect their very existence, they always pull it out at the last possible moment. Which is good, because the fate of space and time kind of depends on them.