In Honor Of ‘Drive': 9 Smooth Movie Getaways

Thursday, September 15 by

The early buzz for Drive is that it’s an awesome, must-see action-packed film. That sounds pretty good to me. There’s nothing more thrilling to watch than a smooth getaway while sh*t is otherwise hitting the fan. It might entail hanging inches above a pressure-sensitive floor or pretending to be cripple. Either way, anything goes when it comes to getting away scot-free.

Here’s a rundown of some of Hollywood’s smoothest escapes.

The Italian Job

Anyone can just hop in a Mustang and speed over a rising drawbridge to make their escape. But if you want to get away with style, you need a fleet of stupid looking Mini Coopers, the ability to control traffic lights, and exploding streets. Playing chicken with a helicopter adds style points as well.

Quick Change

Now this is a cool plan. Bill Murray dresses up like a clown. Robs a bank and takes hostages. Then he alludes police by simply removing his clown makeup. And despite a lot of setbacks, it works, too. It’s brilliant.

Inside Man

This one lacks the coolness factor of dressing up like a clown, but does have a smooth getaway along the same lines with the disguised bank robbers blending in with the hostages. However, one man builds a little apartment and walls himself in with the loot before casually walking out during business hours a few days later.

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