In A Stunning Twist, Shane Black Writing ‘Iron Man 3′

Saturday, April 23 by

When it was announced that Drew Pearce was the screenwriter for the upcoming sequel to Iron Man 2/Burger King commercial Iron Man 3, many were surprised. After all, the film’s director Shane Black, is known mostly as a screenwriter. Well, now it turns out that while Pearce is being brought in to write the screenplay, it’s as a writing partner to Black.

There are a couple different reasons being speculated as to why Black, a proven screenwriter, would need a partner to write a movie he’s directing. One is that Black is a notorious potty-mouth who needs someone like Pearce to help keep it PG-13. Man, I was hoping for an Iron Man movie that features naughty words like h*ck and d*rn. There will probably still be a lot of violence, though. (CinemaBlend)

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