[post-album postid="214929" item="6"]With feuding Snow White films currently jockeying to embarrass one another at the box office, we nearly forgot about the rival Jeff Buckley biopics in development. Greetings From Tim Buckley seems to be the first out of the gate while Jake Scott's Buckley biopic is hanging around and playing Nintendo (that's no way to go through life, Jeff Buckley biopic!). Dan Algrant's Tim Buckley has already cast Penn Badgley for its lead and now has leaped forward again with the casting of Imogen Poots.

The up-and-coming Fright Night star will play a young woman who meets Buckley as he prepares to perform a tribute to his famous father at the St. Ann's Church. The two embark on a four day journey that changes both of their lives and gives the singer a better understanding of his absent father. I'm assuming the lesson he learns is that hitting the road with random, hot, blond 22-year olds is awesome. (Deadline)