We normally don't like to get too technical around here when it comes to the industry of entertainment, but the news of IMAX stock price dropping yesterday is pretty funny, as an analyst tasked with evaluating the company said that 2014 "could prove challenging" to the company's growth.


Because all the big budget IMAX films in 2014 will probably suck. There's the chance one of them will be good, but just a chance. Nothing certain. Here's what we're looking at:

  • Robocop

  • 300: Something Something Ugh

  • Godzilla 

  • Edge of Tomorrow

  • Transformers 4: Wahlberg

Not an intellectually stimulating bunch. Put another way, not a single film I would see of my own volition.

Who knows. Maybe P.T. Anderson will re-release some of his films, and IMAX will have a record-shattering year.