Illegal ‘Machete’ Trailer

Wednesday, May 5 by

For Cinco de Mayo, Robert Rodriguez dropped a package off at the home of his AICN homies, and it turned out to be the "illegal" trailer for Machete hidden underneath a pound of tamales. Alright, I’m not certain about the tamales, but it’s how I deliver all of MY packages.

If you enjoyed the fake trailer for Machete attached to Grindhouse, you won’t be dissappointed by the trailer for the movie made from the trailer. It features a Mexican-hating Robert DeNiro, a Robert DeNiro hating Mexican Danny Trejo, a gun-licking nun Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal, and Jessica Alba with a perm. Also, Soothsayer Rodriguez managed to tap into a controversy that’s bubbling over in Arizona at this very moment, and he predicted that sh*t months ago! Way to make the zeitgiest your bitch, Robert.

Check out the trailer below. Machete slashes into theaters September 3, 2010.

Illega Machete Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

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