A Columbus, Ohio man was removed from his seat during Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit after it was ascertained that he was wearing Google Glass, which meant he must have been a terrorist pirate.

The unnamed man was removed from his seat by a man with a badge, and then escorted outside the theater into the mall, where he was greeted by about ten more cops of varying levels of esteem, from mall cops to Homeland Security agents.

Why does pirating fall under the purview of Homeland Security? Because EVERYTHING falls under the purview of Homeland Security. Guys with Google Glass might as well have dynamite strapped to their chest in terms of threatening the American way of life.

That's not true at all. Nonetheless, the man was held for three hours while the clueless agents asked him to rat out "give up the guy up the chain" which he probably assumed to mean his dad or something.

After he said that everyone could just check the glasses to see if he recorded anything. They didn't do THAT, but they did continue to press him as the man continued to deny any wrongdoing. They eventually let him go, but only after performing Homeland Security's sworn duty of making all Americans outwardly resent the Department of Homeland Security.