Everyone's favorite bad boy turned-celebrity turned-obnoxious mouthpiece, Anthony Bourdain, has, in gest, tried to head off efforts by TMZ to post a nude pic of the No Reservations host. The photo shows Bourdain in a pool while vacationing in the Caribbean with his former sous chef from Les Halles in NYC. How does he steal their thunder? By posting the pic on Twitter, of course. Along with some pretty funny commentary.

Why can't this Anthony Bourdain appear more often, instead of the whiney, superior version that picks fights with cooks on the Food Network. The FOOD NETWORK, for God's sake!

Here is the Twit procession from Buzzfeed (I'm assuming it's in reverse chronological order, but it really doesn't matter.):

Click this pic below, and let Christina Hendricks wash away the image of naked Anthony Bourdain.