If You Have Been Begging For Remakes Of ‘MST3K’ Films, You Are In Luck, Weirdo

Monday, May 6 by
This won't be a part of any of the remakes.  

American International Pictures, a studio behind many of the films mocked on Comedy Central’s Mystery Science Theater 3000, was deigned ten of its films goodly enough to get the remake treatment, so you won’t even be able to enjoy the films on an ironic level, because they’ll be winking at their own campiness.

The first round of movies being remade includes The She-CreatureTeenage CavemanViking Women And The Sea SerpentThe Undead, and War Of The Colossal Beast. I don’t know any of those films, so I will just nod politely and make reference to the robots on the spoof film show.


Sadly, there will be no robots to mock these films, so we’ll have to pick up some of the slack there.

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