MGM has been having troubles lately, what with their filing for bankruptcy and their current voyage down the yellow brick road of financial stability. Though Bond 23 and The Hobbit are greenlit, there's been some question about Joss Whedon's Cabin In The Woods and the remake of Red Dawn. These movies have been completed for months, but they are not in front of eyeballs at the multiplex, cause of MGM's money troubles. Luckily, there's a deal in the works that will save these films from a fate worse than a Commie invasion: sitting on the shelf for even longer than they already have.

Sony and MGM are hammering out an agreement that might give Sony rights to distribute old and new projects, like Red Dawn and the upcoming Bond films. They would also co-finance upcoming Bond movies, because putting your money behind Bond is a safe bet. Especially when he goes all-in. Daniel Craig, you have one hell of a poker face.

We'll see if the deal pans out, and if we get to see these movies. Or they might end up dead... in a Cabin In The Woods. Because they're a bunch of stupid college kids. (Cinema Blend)