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Since 1984, the fine people at the Criterion Collection have been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in highest possible quality. But despite their valiant efforts, some important films are still missing from the collection.

Luckily, some ingenious folks over at the Jinx World Forums have taken it upon themselves to create distinctive, Criterion-style box covers for those films that have been overlooked. Here are 12 of our favorites in no particular order.

Our list is by no means definitive or comprehensive, so head over to Jinx World and take a look for yourselves.


Posted by Cth

Dude, Where’s My Car
Posted by Cth

Manos: The Hand of Fate
Posted by Alabasterdeity

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Posted by Thudpucker

Freddy Got Fingered
Posted by chrisfasowned

The Crying Game
Posted by MIKE D

Broke Back Mountain
Posted by Patton

Back To the Future

Posted by Patton

Groundhog Day
Posted by Patton

The Big Lebowski
Posted by The Dean

Fight Club
Posted by Cth

Teen Wolf
Posted by Pia Guerra

Thanks to all the artists at Jinx World Forums

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