UPDATE: Ice Cube’s Gritty Street Drama A Perfect Fit For Disney

Friday, April 8 by

I hope Lightning McQueen wants some spinning rims and hydraulic suspension.

Disney is in talks with Ice Cube to produce and distribute Chrome and Paint, a drama about the South Central Los Angeles custom car scene. Ice Cube wrote and will direct the R-rated project, which is being compared to Boyz N’ The Hood. Yup, there can be no doubt that Chrome and Paint would fit Disney’s foot like a magical, sparkly glass slipper… after a few modifications.

Apparently, Disney wants the film to be PG-13, a rewrite that Mr. Cube is willing to make. Then Disney’s probably gonna want that taken down to PG, and does it all have to take place in LA? With all the crime people? What if part of the film took place on a family road trip? Finally, a Disney executive will ask Ice Cube if he could turn it into College Road Trip 2. After all, there’s no business like the College Road Trip 2 making business.

Meanwhile, Cube is set to star in 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. (Deadline)

UPDATE: Disney picked up Chrome and Paint. So from now on, Cube will hug tha police. (Hollywood Reporter)

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