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In the trailer for I Love You, Beth Cooper, someone whispers about the arrival of “The Trinity.”  We’ve already covered one third of these lovely ladies, Lauren London, and we have faith that you can find photos of Hayden Panettiere on your own.  That leaves us with Lauren Storm, the final piece of the puzzle.  She’s mostly done TV up to this point, with roles on “Malcom In The Middle,””24,” and “Flight 29 Down,” but this could prove to be her breakthrough into mainstream movies.  At least we hope so.  She also is owner of the funniest IMDB trivia section ever, which simply reads: “Jewish.”

A word from Lauren: “I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but when I have time I watch a lot of HBO. I think they have really good quality television. And I think they have really well made products.”

While Lauren is angling to get a job on an HBO show, you can check out hot photos of her.  After the jump, of course!

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