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The teen comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper comes out this Friday, and while everyone is enamored with the idea of Hayden Panettiere being PG-13 naked in the flick, there happens to be several other beautiful women in the film as part of Beth Cooper’s entourage.  Lauren London happens to be one of them.  You might remember her from the films ATL and Next Day Air, or that one Episode of “Entourage” she was on.  She also appears to be the mother of Lil’ Wayne’s latest child, which has to be worth something.  And by something, I mean sh*tloads of child support.

A Word From Lauren: “Barbara Streisand has always been an inspiration for me. I admire Jennifer Lopez because she’s been against all the odds and she’s made such a name for herself and she can put her name on anything and it sells and I admire that about her, but Barbara Streisand and Woody Allen are my favorites.”

Not every beautiful 24-year-old actress would cite Woody Allen and Barbara Streisand as heroes… That’s way more intriguing than a Panettiere pseudo-nude scene.  Lauren, you now have our undivided attention.

Check out more hot pictures of Lauren after the jump!

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