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More Terminator goodies today to top off the news the Ahnuld will be back for Terminator Salvation.  Now the kind robots over at io9 posted this cool concept art image of the Harvester from Terminator Salvation, courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic’s artistes. 

According to the Terminator Wikia, "Harvesters are non-humanoid hunter/killer units produced by Skynet sometime before 2018. They were large tank like structures that would capture humans in conjunction with Moto-terminators. They took the humans to lab testing for their stem cells. This research on humans led to the creation of the Series-800.  If someone would escape, they would be blasted to smithereens by the robots shoulder mounted canon from a great distance."

Check out some more atwork of the harvesters doing their dirty deeds after the jump.

[above: Harvester grabbing a Resistance member]

[above: Harvesters ‘doin’ work’ with Moto-Terminators]

[above: Harvester claw grabbing a puny human]

[above: Harvester looking for its keys]

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