I Hate You, Dad has found its sexy teacher, and it's none other than...Susan Sarandon.

They got the teacher part right.

Sarandon has decided to join the motley crew that is this Adam Sandler project's cast. She joins Sandler, Andy Samberg, Ian Ziering, and, of course, Vanilla Ice. The Hollywood Reporter states that she will play a teacher who we later find out is Samberg's mother. (Hey, they didn't give us a spoiler alert, so we're not giving you one. It's a Sandler movie. There will be no surprises.)

Apparently, the role is a major one that the studio had a special interest in casting perfectly. You have to give it up for a lady who's been playing "hot older woman" for almost 25 years. It's kind of freaky, actually. Also in talks are James Caan, Milo Ventimiglia, Tony Orlando (?), and Dan Patrick (???). This is shaping up to make Little Nicky look like a responsible, well-made film.

I Hate You, Dad will film in Boston this summer and will probably host the strangest wrap party ever.