Yesterday, it was reported that the producers of the adaptation of Hunger Games, the young adult literary series about surviving a dystopian apocalypse (take that, emo kids!), were looking for an attractive white girl to play the lead. Well, against all odds, they found some.

/Film is reporting that Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld and other-Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence are being considered for the role of Katniss Everdeen in the adaptation of the popular books. I'm no doctor, but it seems as though the producers still have not shaken their case of Oscar fever. Pray for them. That illness cost my father his foot.

These two gals surely aren't the only candidates for the part, but they would seem to be the ones to beat given their current ascension to super-stardom. I give the edge to Lawrence, who seemed to nail the apocalyptic-survivor look in Winter's Bone. But then again, Steinfeld wasn't far off in her journey in True Grit. Hmmm...maybe they could have them both play the same character. Like the converse of what Armie Hammer did in The Social Network.