When I first heard the word "foxface," I assumed it was either a character from a syndicated newspaper comic strip or a very dirty sex move. ("You wanna foxface tonight? I'd be so into that.") However, most teens know that Foxface is another goofily named character from The Hunger Games. It's the ultrahot, post-apocalyptic novel-turned-movie that will star Jennifer Lawrence and whose every casting notice is worthy of a thousand news blog posts like this one you are reading right... now.

Jacqueline Emerson, best "known" as voice on the animated cat-tastrophe "Father of the Pride" (see what I did back there?), will play Foxface in Lionsgate's upcoming adaptation. Ironically, given her biggest credit, Foxface's character never says a word in the book, though she's supposedly very clever. I guess while everyone else in the Hunger Games is yap-yapping away, she's out there killing people and winning in silence. I can respect that. Meanwhile, stunt actor Chris Mark has been cast as her "fellow District 5 tribute," who is not given the dignity of a name.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks confirmed she's playing Effie Trinket via Twitter. May it go well for her. (EW)