The Hunger Games is coming, and the name of the game right now... is getting cast in The Hunger Games. These actors were hungry enough to get cast. They won the casting "game," so to speak, and now we're all hungry for Hunger Games news. Also: Hunger Games.

[post-album postid="205261" item="1"]Lionsgate hired three more actors for their adaptation of Suzanne Collins dystopian novel, already in production in North Carolina. Amber Chaney will play the speechless, tongue-less Avox Girl. Her pull-string action figure's gonna have a lot to say. Meanwhile, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence from X-Men: First Class) has found more folks to prep her for the Murderlympics, with Venia and Flavius to be played by Kimiko Gelman and Nelson Ascencio.

The Hunger Games slaughters its way into theaters March 23, 2011. (Lionsgate's Twitter)