? Okay, could be a cool action movie? Monopoly? I guess so? It's at least timely, with the recession and all. Ouija? You're pushing it, but I guess it could be a horror movie. But HULA HOOP? That's not even a board game, it's a thing! It's a circle that goes around your waist and then you move your hips."

That's what a normal person would say, but since no one in Hollywood is normal, we are going to see a movie about/inspired by the children's toy. What could it even be about? ICM doesn't care, as they've just signed Wham-O Toys as a client, with the intent to develop film projects out of kid favorites like the Hula Hoop, Slip-n-Slide, and Frisbee. What's next? Bop It: The Next Generation? Silly Putty: The Animated series? Wrong. It's the apocalypse. The apocalypse is next. (Badass News)