If there's one thing in life that Im kind of embarrassed about, it's my cankles or failing third grade (twice) or not being able to run a mile in under 14 minutes crappy knowledge of old movies. I write about movies all day long and still haven't seen some of the most important films ever made. Aside from a few Hitchcock flicks as a kid, my family just didn't watch the classics. Now I spend so much time trying to keep up with new releases it's just almost impossible to catch up. Slashfilm did a post about a ranking system created by Filmaddict that allows you to calculate how much of a movie addict you are. Find out your score.

It's pretty simple. You check all the movies out of IMDB's top 250 films that you've seen in the form they provide, click a button and it provides you a score.

Try it out and leave a comment with your score. Im going to be super impressed by anyone that beats 70% addicted.

Here's the LINK, Junky.